‘Once You Know’ International Film Release and ‘Work That Reconnects’ Experience

'Once You Know' International Film Release and WTR Experience

We are big fans of Joanna Macy and The Work That Reconnects (WTR). The WTR network joined forces with award-winning film makers Emmanuel Cappellin and Anne-Marie Sangla to launch the documentary ‘Once You Know’.

Several of the registered WTR Network Facilitator Members will be hosting screenings of this moving film and facilitating post-screening WTR experiences to support us in processing the emotions the film stirs and help build resilience and solidarity. 

‘Inspired by the Work That Reconnects, Extinction Rebellion and Collapsology, this film is a deeply personal exploration of coming to terms with crisis, collapse and active hope in these troubling times.’

Work That Reconnects Network website (WTR)

So please follow their invitation to this special online event series, the last screening is on Monday, November 22nd (NZ Time).

Please note, registration comes with a minimum US$15 donation, which will support the filmmaker and the film production and distribution companies that have made this international screening possible, along with covering the cost to the WTR Network.

We hope this excites you as much as it excites us.

Check screening times for NZ timezone.