Our protest schedule

At Parliament every Tuesday!

We are piloting changes to our protest schedule!

Now we have the most right-wing, climate-denialist government New Zealand has ever had. So we want to be sure they see our protests.

Because Parliament only sits on Tuesdays – Thursdays, we now protest on Tuesdays (not Fridays) at Parliament.

On the last Friday of each month we will also protest against Fonterra at Midland Park.

Date (12.30 – 1.30pm)Protest location
Tuesday 9/4/2024Parliament lawn
Tuesday 16/4/2024Parliament lawn
Tuesday 23/4/2024Parliament lawn
Friday 26/4/2024Midland Park
Tuesday 30/4/2024Parliament lawn
Tuesday 7/5/2024Parliament lawn
Tuesday 14/5/2024Parliament lawn
Tuesday 21/5/2024Parliament lawn
Tuesday 28/5/2024Parliament lawn
Friday 31/5/2024Midland Park
Tuesday 4/6/2024Parliament lawn