‘Once You Know’ International Film Release and ‘Work That Reconnects’ Experience

'Once You Know' International Film Release and WTR Experience

We are big fans of Joanna Macy and The Work That Reconnects (WTR). The WTR network joined forces with award-winning film makers Emmanuel Cappellin and Anne-Marie Sangla to launch the documentary ‘Once You Know’.

Several of the registered WTR Network Facilitator Members will be hosting screenings of this moving film and facilitating post-screening WTR experiences to support us in processing the emotions the film stirs and help build resilience and solidarity. 

‘Inspired by the Work That Reconnects, Extinction Rebellion and Collapsology, this film is a deeply personal exploration of coming to terms with crisis, collapse and active hope in these troubling times.’

Work That Reconnects Network website (WTR)

So please follow their invitation to this special online event series, the last screening is on Monday, November 22nd (NZ Time).

Please note, registration comes with a minimum US$15 donation, which will support the filmmaker and the film production and distribution companies that have made this international screening possible, along with covering the cost to the WTR Network.

We hope this excites you as much as it excites us.

Check screening times for NZ timezone.

Voices at Parliament Lawn from last month’s Global Climate Strike #UprootTheSystem!

During last month’s Global Climate Strike we asked fellow activists ‘Why are you protesting today?’ Watch their reasons in this 90 second video.

Voices from September 24, 2021 Global Climate Strike at New Zealand Parliament Lawn.

The Global Climate Strike in numbers

Close to 1,000,000 people in over 100 countries across 1,900 strikes took their climate concerns to the streets. For the Global Strike in March 2019 it was less than 1,000 strikes; 900 strikes more is a huge leap forward, considering we are still facing the challenges of the global pandemic.

A snapshot from Fridays For Future Action List of our collective achievement.

Doing our bit here in Aotearoa

It wasn’t an easy task to get the message out to as many folks as possible for our local strike on Parliament Lawn. The delta outbreak, moving alert levels, the uncertainty that comes with it and the need to keep all of us safe were weighing on our shoulders. Surely you can all sympathise with the difficulties around decision making during these times. 

Yet, it felt like a responsibility (at least for us) to do something, even if it is little.

First of all to send a positive message to our fellow New Zealanders in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland who couldn’t protest. Kia kaha Tāmaki Makaurau 💜

And secondly to keep the Climate Crisis in everyone’s mind, especially when witnessing the recent delay tactics from our government despite having declared a Climate Emergency in December last year, that is 9 months ago. Rod Oram found some clear words for it in his newsroom comment article ‘Govt lacks integrity, skill and will on climate’ from September 17, 2021.

With some last minute Fast Chalking action in Pōneke CBD, a social media and email mahi, and support from other wonderful grassroots action groups – a green shout out to Alex and the awesome humans from Picnic in Parks 💚 – we were an energetic crowd of 30. We sang together, we chanted together, we cared together. Sending gratitude to everyone who had a chance to come along and support the action. Ka pai team!

A massive thank you again!

PS You can find us every Friday from 12.30 Noon protesting on Parliament Lawn. ✊

Draw the line on Fossil Fuels with XR Wellington on Tuesday, October 26

Screenshot of youtube video Go Early Means Now, a song Edna from Tāmaki Makaurau wrote to support XR's open letter to Prime Minister Ardern. Screenshot is showing a protest sign saying Climate Justice Now.
Singers – this is your moment!  Listen to the beautiful song Edna from Tāmaki Makaurau wrote to support Extinction Rebellion’s Open Letter.

Join the XR Rebels in a colourful singing procession through the Pōneke CBD as they go to present their Open Letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at Parliament.

Sign the letter here: https://www.climatejusticenow.nz/

Green MP Teanau Tuiono  will receive it, along with other MPs – tell your MP to be there!

Family-friendly, non-arrestable event with lots of singing, flags, huge long banners, street theatre, chalking and so much more.

DATE: Tuesday, October 26, 2021

TIME: 11.30am – 2:00 pmish

LOCATION: Te Aro (Pigeon) Park (reach Parliament around 1pm)

Learn more on the Extinction Rebellion Facebook Event Page.

See you in the streets ✊

Please note FFF TUI isn’t involved in organising this event, we are simply standing in solidarity with the rebels across our beautiful motu. Get in touch with them directly via Facebook (link above) if you have any questions.

Starting this Saturday: Aotearoa XR’s Spring Rebellion 2021

From 23 Oct to 28 Oct 2021

Registration Form: https://xranz.involve.me/spring-rebellion-2021-registration
Find all details on XR’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/xr.newzealand/

The XR Spring Rebellion is coming to a city near you. The rebels in charge bring a loaded programme of how to be a good Extinction Rebel in these challenging times. You can expect workshops, discussions, tours and sit-ins. Here is a list of activities to choose from:

Weekend Camp

Powhiri on Saturday 23/10 at 4pm

Workshops, trainings and discussions on Sunday 24/10

Join us for NVDA training fb.me/e/2vrDutJC7

Keep the Coal in the Hole Tour fb.me/e/AsfPC64a

Animal rebellion McSit-In fb.me/e/3QWy7xn0E

Week Actions

Monday 25/10 Draw the line on Colonisation

Tuesday 26/10 Draw the line on Fossil Fuels – including presenting Open Letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern; sign open letter here: https://www.climatejusticenow.nz/

Wednesday 27/10 Draw the line on Animal Exploitation

Thursday 28/10 Colonisation=Exploitation=Extinction

Take the opportunity to make your loving rebellious rage heard and seen in the public sphere.

Actions are planned to comply with Covid Level 2, with social distancing and limits on numbers.

Wear your mask! Bring your own drinking and eating tools!

Please note FFF TUI isn’t involved in organising any of the wonderful Spring Rebellion, we are simply standing in solidarity with the rebels across our beautiful motu.
Get in touch with them directly via Facebook (link above) or email (see image above) if you have any questions. 💚✊