Join the School Strike for Climate this Tuesday!


This Tuesday the School Strikers will come to parliament. Please come along and support them. We have a bunch of spare placards and flags in case you don’t manage to bring your own. We’ll also bring some spare cardboard and pens if you want to make one on the spot.

The big announcement you’ve all been waiting for! It’s go time whanau… get your placards out, prepare your demands, and we’ll see you on the 26th of January at 12:30pm to demand, real, meaningful climate action!

— School Strike 4 Climate NZ
21 January at Parliament

As ever, you can join us at parliament any Friday. James joined us last week and pointed out that 20 countries are phasing out fossil fuels, yet Aotearoa is not one of them.

Countries phasing out fossil fuels.

There’s no question: a declaration of emergency means nothing without action and we are way behind in Aotearoa. It’s clear that we need to keep pushing for change.

We’ll see you at Parliament.

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