Emergency Declared! Where to next.

It’s been 18 months since Ollie first appeared on the lawn of parliament with the sign ‘Declare Climate Emergency Now’. Since then, climate strikers have been outside parliament for one day in every too.

Finally, it was declared. There were many speeches in parliament, and one that shook the walls came from Kiri Allan:


MP Kiri Allan

The declaration included resolutions to convert government fleets and thermal emissions away from coal. It’s a start.

But the bulk of coal emissions continue untouched, the plans for gas exploration, extraction and continued use go on, agricultural emissions were not mentioned, and we continue to import diesel and petrol vehicles are many times the rate of EVs.

That’s the surface of this problem: the nation’s obligations and a Treaty partner, and issues of equity that press on the daily lives of people, preventing them from taking action, are continuing.

Aotearoa’s climate response has been so poor, in fact, that it was about to be excluded from international discussions about it.


So we’ll continue. Ollie’s original sign is no longer needed: it has been offered to Te Papa, and if it doesn’t wind up there it may go inside the beehive. It’s time for new signs.

Upcoming International Events:

These arrived to us from Fridays For Future international. Check them out and let us know if you participate:

Webinar, Understanding the Paris Agreement

December 9, Wednesday, CET 20:00, Webinar, Understanding the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, with Jean Pascal van Ypersele, former Vice President of IPCC. All welcome.
Sign uphere.
Information here.

Global Action, Let us all #Fightfor1point5

December 11, Friday, and December 12, Saturday,

Global Action, Let us all #Fightfor1point5 . Live up to the Paris Agreement.

Register or find on the FFF global map .

Dancing for the Planet. End the Ecocide

New action: Dancing for the Planet. End the Ecocide.
Locally, get your group together.
Register or find on the FFF global map
Get information.

Be creative. Initiate actions.

Visit the FFF Calendar
Recommend coming global actions including a climate action of the month

Local: the we survived 2020 party:

Friday, 11 Dec 6pm, Aro Community Hall. Tui Climate Community is hosting a get-together for activists to celebrate getting through the year.


There are so many amazing people putting time and effort in to some how make things better; in beautifully infinite ways, approaches, and interpretations. It’s been a very strange year, and you all deserve a party !
We have some epic live music lined up including local musician James Hart and a full ceilidh band!
We also have an amazing team making pizzas- bring a pizza topping, bring whatever beverages you want, put away your worries for a night and come have an awesome time ūüôā
All are welcome, the more the merrier- come celebrate with us! If you have anything you want to share on the night- e.g kai, a poem, a game, babysitting services, great – but also feel free to just show up as yourself ! (very keen to offer babysitting though so do get in touch if that is something you can offer!!)
The hall is fully accessible- let me know if you need close parking and we can reserve it for you.
We will have vegan and gluten free pizzas- dietaries beyond that please get in touch and we will make sure we have kai for you!

Where to next?

Of course the Fridays will continue as ever, but we will have a get together soon of the regulars to talk about things to do in the New Year.

Till then, and as ever, we’ll see you on the lawn.

ngńĀ mihi,


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