Press Release – First day of new government 2023

Fridays for Future Te Upoko o te Ika Press Release

Local climate action group Fridays for Future held an extraordinary demonstration on Parliament grounds on Monday, 27 November.

The Wellington group marked the first day of the new government by holding signs and flags, and talking with the public. 

Group member Violet Chong said the demonstration was being held this Monday to mark the new government’s rollback on climate policy.

“Removing the ban on oil and gas exploration licences,the use of ETS money for tax cuts, no plans for emissions reductions from farming, and the removal of the clean car discount, these are a betrayal of younger generations and a dangerously misguided direction for any leadership that cares for children,” she said.

Violet was holding a sign reading “All I want for Christmas is a government that takes climate change seriously.”

The Wellington group usually meets on Friday lunchtimes. 

The international movement Fridays for Future grew out of widespread support for Greta Thunberg. 

Fridays for Future Te Upoko o te Ika meets on Parliament lawn and in Midland Park on Lambton Quay, on alternate weeks.

This week Fridays for Future will meet in Midland Park from 12:30 to 1:30pm. 

Midland Park is a regular venue for protest as it is in front of major polluter Fonterra’s Wellington office. 

Violet said all are welcome to join in the regular demonstration of support of climate action.



Above: Fridays for Future Te Upoko o te Ika, and guest Suzan, climate activist from Denmark (second from left), on the first day of the new hard right government and its anti climate action policy bonfire. 

INVITE: COP28 Stakeholder briefing – What is on the negotiating table this year?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is inviting individuals and representatives of organisations with an interest in Aotearoa New Zealand’s international climate change response, to a stakeholder briefing session with our Climate Change Ambassador; Kay Harrison, and COP28 negotiating team.

The aim is to share views in the lead-up to the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This year’s COP is confirmed to be held in Dubai, UAE (30 November – 12 December).

The briefing session will be on Monday 20th November from 5 – 6.30 pm, NZ time, in webinar format. There will be opportunity to ask questions as time permits.

This webinar will have two main purposes:

–     Firstly, to hear from our Climate Change Ambassador Kay Harrison about the UAE as COP28 Presidency’s priorities and what key outcomes will be negotiated

–     Secondly, to provide logistical information to New Zealanders travelling in person to COP28 on ‘Party overflow’ badges

You can register your interest in attending here to receive a link to join. They will send out a more detailed agenda and information on how to join to people who have registered closer to the date.

See the links below to some resources to enable full and informed participation in the briefing, including on the UAE’s priorities and goals as host of COP28:

Note: media groups may be in attendance.

Save Kaipara District’s Climate Adaptation Programme

In the latest Climate Club newsletter, there’s a segment about the Kaipara District Council considering whether to continue with their Ruawai Climate Adaptation Pilot Programme. While they say that the budget would be better allocated to on-the-ground work, engaging with the local communities most impacted by climate change is crucial for developing solutions that work for everyone. Scrapping a pilot programme before it’s had a chance sets a bad precedence for community-based climate solutions.

Read and sign the petition over at

Say no to trawl corridors!

Fisheries NZ has extended its consultation period on trawl corridors or proposed bottom fishing restrictions in the Hauraki Gulf (Tīkapa Moana / Te Moananui-ā-Toi).

Fisheries NZ has presented four options for trawl corridors (or bottom fishing access zones)

  • Option 1: Danish seine fishing banned from 74.1% and trawl fishing banned from 77.1% of the Gulf shallower than 200 metres and limit these fishing methods to 6 defined zones.
  • Option 2: Danish seine fishing banned from 79.4% and trawl fishing banned from 82.4% of the Gulf shallower than 200 metres and limit these fishing methods to 5 defined zones.
  • Option 3: Danish seine fishing banned from 86.6% and trawl fishing banned from 88.5% of the Gulf shallower than 200 metres and limit these fishing methods to 4 defined zones.
  • Option 4: Danish seine fishing banned from 87.3% and trawl fishing banned from 89.2% of the Gulf shallower than 200 metres and limit these fishing methods to 4 defined zones.

These options will ban bottom trawling for between 79% to 89% of the Marine Park (in waters less than 200 metres). However, to allow these destructive fishing methods to continue at all poses a significant threat to our precious Gulf.

The World Wildlife Fund wants a 100% ban.

That is why we are advocating for a new, improved option – Option Zero, 0% trawling and Danish seining in the Gulf. This would ban these harmful mobile bottom contact fishing methods from 100% of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. 

These destructive fishing practices cannot continue if we are to truly protect the Hauraki Gulf / Tīkapa Moana and allow its health and biodiversity to recover. To get Option Zero across the line, we need you to make a submission now. 

Make a submission to support a 100% ban on trawl corridors using the easy submission form or you can submit directly to Fisheries New Zealand here.

Late submissions will be accepted until 4 December.

Some photos from the last few Fridays

Fridays for Future Te Upoko o Te Ika was busy leading up to the general election. We took part in the Climate Shift campaign and the Vote for Climate Action campaign, while keeping up with our usual Friday protests.

But we want you to come join us. It’s more fun when you’re there!

Also, on windy days we can’t just prop our spare signs up because we’ll end up chasing them around the Parliament Lawn or Midland Park!

Even if you cannot stay the whole hour, just stop by for as long as you are able. We would love to see you.

Find out where we’ll be this coming Friday. See you there!!!

Climate Crisis Action Aotearoa – stand by for the latest Radio show episode

Episode 4 of Climate Crisis Action Aotearoa broadcasts on Access Radio on Sunday 6 November at 6.30pm.

Francesca and Kit will talk about to Paddy Geddes from and Alex Dyer from Cycle Wellington, about:

  • Power Up climate solutions
  • our next steps under a centre right/right wing government
  • public transport funding and moving away from a car-centric way of getting around

Find recordings of previous episodes, on the Radio Access website.