Make a submission against the Fast-track Approvals Bill – more submission guides added (13/4/24)

The New Zealand Government has introduced a Fast-Track Approvals Bill in Parliament, which threatens to undermine the vital process of public consultation on large-scale infrastructure projects and resource consents.

The Bill grants unchecked authority to a select group of Ministers, while limiting input from experts, Tangata Whenua, advocacy organisations, and the public.

It would strip away the mandate for adequate public consultation on projects such as:

  • intensive barns
  • winter grazing
  • fish farms
  • marine developments and
  • dairy intensification.

Learn more about the bill on the Greenpeace website.

Please consider making a submission to fight this bill. Submissions close on Friday 19 April.

If you missed Forest and Bird’s submission Zoom, don’t worry. You can use: