Fridays For Future relocating to Midland Park

Starting on 20 May 2022 (after the Budget) we will take our protest to the front of the Fonterra building at Midland Park.

A prime climate criminal, they were the target of a light show on Earth Day (courtesy of 350 Aotearoa). Fonterra is Aotearoa New Zealand’s biggest climate polluter, yet they continue to increase dairy herds and burn coal and gas.

Please join us outside the Fonterra Building, Midland Park, central Wellington – every Friday 12.30 – 1.30pm.

Climate reading list

Here’s a list of good reads found by our members

Healthy and Climate-Friendly Eating Patterns in the New Zealand Context

A study published in 2020 in Environmental Health Perspectives looked at the greenhouse gas emissions of different foods and dietary patterns.

The University of Otago researchers developed a New Zealand-specific food emissions database for 346 commonly eaten foods . The database calculated the total emissions for each food and considered each part of the food’s lifecycle, such as farming and processing, transportation, packaging, warehouse and distribution and refrigeration needs for chilled products. 

Read the article here.

Or you can skip the reading and just study this infographic –

A guide to climate change related obligations of local government authorities

This is a general guide for local communities when talking to local authorities about their climate change related legal obligations and processes, prepared by Lawyers for Climate.

Read it here.

To fight inflation, we must fight climate change

An opinion piece published in The Hill (US-based) that discusses climate change’s influence on the cost of living.

Read it here.

I helped Indigenous peoples beat Chevron in court and they put me on house arrest. It didn’t work.

Steven Donziger is a US lawyer who has spent much of the last 28 years fighting Chevron and the fossil industry on behalf of Indigenous peoples, over the destruction of the Amazon and our larger planet.

Read the article here.

And now, this –

Climate Justice Hui and Potluck 26 May

The next Potluck Hui will be on the 26th of May at the Sustainability Trust at 5.30pm. Put it in your calendar!

Sustainability Trust is at 2 Forresters Lane, Te Aro, Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) 6011

Come and share your climate action mahi, collaborate, and eat some yummy kai.

Bring some food to share (or if you prefer, bring something to nibble on for yourself).

RSVP to Alana Kane (She/her) at

Everyone is welcome so please share with your networks!

This event is hosted by 350 Aotearoa, Generation Zero and the Fossil Free State Sector Coalition

So what are our “Seven calls to action”?

We mentioned seven calls to action in our last letter to Grant Robertson, and Francesca spoke about them during our Earth Day action. In case you missed both, here it is all laid out for you…

# Invest In the Planet: Our 7 Calls for action on Earth Day 2022 to protect planet & people 

  1. Permanently reduce the cost of public transport and increase tax on fossil fuels, provided options are in place such as transport on demand.
  2. Put a ban on synthetic nitrogen as a way forward to transform agriculture in Aotearoa. Regenerate our soils, our rivers, our water and reduce herd sizes!
  3. Bring back high-quality products which last and can be repaired. Make it mandatory for businesses to supply spare parts.
  4. Commit to 30 % upwards of ocean sanctuaries
  5. Ban bottom trawling and police sustainable fishing
  6. Upscale/improve recycling of household and industrial waste management systems   
  7. Last but not least: Commit to a Green Oath  to Tend to Planet and People, not Profit. 

A green oath is fundamental to Green Growth- a path of economic growth that uses the earth’s resources in a sustainable way.  A green oath is also crucial to ‘getting ethical’ and redistributing wealth and power in order to take care of planet and people, not profit. We call for the government to take the lead and model this stewardship, this kaitiakitanga, needed to turn our economy around. We need our leaders to tell the story of how we can restore and create a more sustainable way of life on planet Earth.

This is what such an oath could encompass:

  1. Act in service of a flourishing web of life.  Tend to the health of Planet and People by embedding the economy in the living world. Nature is an part of our economic system. Feel the pulse of its feedback loops. 
  2. Be thoughtful in policy making. Always seek to minimise the risk of harm to our planet and people, especially to those that are most vulnerable now. 
  3. Respect the autonomy of communities through engagement and consent.  Commit to a deliberative economy so the voices of all people are heard.   Respect the wisdom of indigenous communities who lived closer to Nature than we now do, as expressed in Te Tiriti within Aoteroa New Zealand.
  4. Work with humility, be transparent and reflect on the assumptions and shortcomings of any economic models we use. Commit to an economic model that is regenerative by design and that is dependent on alternative energy systems that mimic nature. 

(Adapted from Doughnut Economics K Raworth, p161.)

We call on you, our leaders to take this oath, to act swiftly and have regular press conferences to tell us of the measures put in place to combat climate change and

 protect our planet and people.

Francesca Pouwer for Fridays For Future         Wellington, Te Upoko o Te Ika, Aotearoa

Climate accountability now! Sign this petition

Bernard Schofield’s petition is now open. It asks the Government for fortnightly press conferences to inform the public on the country’s progress in reducing greenhouse gases.

Regular press conferences specifically about climate change will encourage reporters with specialised knowledge to attend and will give them the opportunity to question Government closely on this crucial issue.

The petition, and more information about it, is on Action Station

Photos from Earth Day

Iona Pannett accepting letter from Paul Bruce (Guardians of the Bays)

Dear Mr Robertson, this is what you missed on Earth Day

This is our fourth letter to Grant Robertson, the Minister of Finance.

Good day, Mr Robertson

Thank you for your response to our letter dated 12 April, with your apology and good wishes for our Earth Day action on 22 April.

You missed some thoughtful and inspiring speeches on the day:

Wellington City councillor Tamatha Paul’s opening address voiced a need for a change in mind-set by all of us, to combat climate change.

Freshwater ecologist Mike Joy reminded us that New Zealand’s Overshoot Day in 2022 was already reached in April, compared to 2021 when it was in May, and explained why the concept of “net zero” is tantamount to greenwashing.

At their offices on The Terrace, Paul Bruce from Guardians of the Bays addressed the Wellington City Council (represented by Iona Pannett). He explained how the council’s net zero emissions goal is in direct contrast with the Airport’s (of which the WCC owns one third) plans to extend the runway to accommodate twice as many tourists flying into Wellington by 2040.

Alana Kane from 350 Aotearoa spoke about the crucial need to ban fossil fuel use in the State sector (hospitals, schools and prisons). Two college students who helped raise awareness of gas boilers in their school, asked for greater support and more accessible for schools to switch to renewable energy. Together at Parliament they presented a petition (with 19,000 signatures!) to Jan Logie and James Shaw.

Francesca Pouwer from Fridays For Future Wellington spoke of the political will needed to make the necessary changes to protect the planet and people before profit.

Caz Sheldon from Action XR spoke about a pathway of eight challenges for government to take on board to divert the worst of the evolving climate crisis. One key element is to stop prioritising corporate opinions in policy making.

Alex Dyer from Picnics in (car) Parks talked of degrowth, emphasising that replacing fossil fuels with EV’s is not a long-term solution.

In other words, Mr Robertson, all those who spoke are in support of bold climate action. Our nation’s climate action so far is rated as ‘‘highly insufficient’ on the International Climate Tracker.

We urge you to develop a budget on 19 May 2022 that will improve our track record in Aotearoa.

Because you could not be present on the day, we want to send you a copy of our Seven Calls for Action, and a link to Francesca Pouwer’s speech on behalf of Fridays for Future Wellington.

Link to the speech

Download the Seven calls for action to protect planet and people over planet

We would appreciate your taking some time to read our seven calls for action, especially the last one which is to commit to a green oath. A green oath is fundamental to green (sustainable) economic growth – an economic system which respects and cares for people and nature.

Yours sincerely

Violet Chong and Francesca Pouwer on behalf of Fridays for Future Te Upoko / Wellington

Dear Mr Robertson, please join us Earth Day 22 April 2022

We sent the Minister of Finance, Grant Robertson, a letter about our Earth Day action.

Good day Mr Robertson,

We thank you for the response from your office to our letter for Fridays for Future World Action Day on the 25th of March.

This response included a link to the Press Release of 16 February 2022, where you confirm the date of the 2022 Budget Announcement and states:

This year’s budget will include a focus on the Government’s health
reforms and investing to meet our climate change goals.……. It would be irresponsible to acknowledge that our health system needs improvement, based on the lessons from COVID, but then not doing anything about it.

Just as it would be equally reckless to just say ‘let’s forget about climate change for a year or two’. These are investments that we need to make as a country. We can’t afford not to make them.” 

We cannot agree with you more. We cannot afford to delay climate action!

 As you will know, the latest ICCP Report calls for swift action now to reduce the ever-rising emissions. We have till 2025 to reverse this trend to stay below 1.5 C. If we do not act now, global warming will reach 3.5 C before the end of this century. Global ice meltdowns will commence, leading to permafrost melting and megatons of methane being released. This sets off unprecedented catastrophic climate change and the massive extinction of flora, fauna and humanity itself.


We cannot afford “the careful pragmatic approach” that you advocate in the February 22 press release, the need “to strike a balance between the important projects that need to be done and the ongoing need for fiscal sustainability.”

The only important project is to enact a green budget that prioritises our environment, reduces emissions across every sector and commits to an equitable social system. A system that cares for the marginalised and where the corporations and those responsible for pollution pay for cleaning up and creating green options.

 # Invest in the planet is the theme for this year’s Earth Day 

Now is the time for the unstoppable courage to preserve and protect life on planet Earth.

We need nature; Nature needs us

We must Invest in Our Planet.

Time is short

It’s going to take all of us. All in partnership. Businesses, governments, and citizens.

We ask, Mr Robertson, that you join US, concerned citizens of Aotearoa, at Parliament on Earth Day 22. April 2022 from 1.30 pm.  

The Wellington Earth Day Event starts from 12pm at Midland Park with action song and public speakers. We will then march to Parliament via WCC on the terrace where we will deliver a letter to halt expansion in aviation.

At 1.30 the honourable Jan Logie will meet activists to receive the 350.0rg petition that calls for a total ban for fossil fuels at our schools.

School students will be there to speak to this initiative.

After that, there is opportunity for climate action groups to voice their calls for bold climate action now.

Hear and then respond to our calls to action: 

How we can care for planet and put people before profit – before ‘fiscal sustainability’.

We look forward to your response to meet us on Earth Day 2022

Sincerely yours,

Francesca Pouwer and the team at 

Fridays For Future Aotearoa New Zealand