Climate reading list

Here’s a list of good reads found by our members

Healthy and Climate-Friendly Eating Patterns in the New Zealand Context

A study published in 2020 in Environmental Health Perspectives looked at the greenhouse gas emissions of different foods and dietary patterns.

The University of Otago researchers developed a New Zealand-specific food emissions database for 346 commonly eaten foods . The database calculated the total emissions for each food and considered each part of the food’s lifecycle, such as farming and processing, transportation, packaging, warehouse and distribution and refrigeration needs for chilled products. 

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A guide to climate change related obligations of local government authorities

This is a general guide for local communities when talking to local authorities about their climate change related legal obligations and processes, prepared by Lawyers for Climate.

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To fight inflation, we must fight climate change

An opinion piece published in The Hill (US-based) that discusses climate change’s influence on the cost of living.

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I helped Indigenous peoples beat Chevron in court and they put me on house arrest. It didn’t work.

Steven Donziger is a US lawyer who has spent much of the last 28 years fighting Chevron and the fossil industry on behalf of Indigenous peoples, over the destruction of the Amazon and our larger planet.

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