The Big New Zealand Climate Action Survey

If you live in New Zealand, are aged 16 years or over, and you take any kind of climate action, this survey is for you. (For example, you make lifestyle changes, attend or organise protests, sign petitions, consider climate change when voting or making major life decisions, talk to people about climate change, take a stand on social and economic justice issues that might help reduce emissions…).

It should take 15-20 minutes to complete, and the survey answers will be used in a PhD dissertation by a Victoria University doctoral candidate.

The more people who complete the survey, the more useful the findings will be for supporting climate action in Aotearoa.

At the end of the survey you have the option of leaving your contact details to go into the draw for a $20 supermarket voucher – of you can forgo the draw and be completely anonymous.

You can also choose to participate in a focus group, these will take place in late 2023/early 2024.

Visit the survey website to learn more about it.

Click here to start the survey.