Climate Accountability Now – presenting the petition to Parliament

This is Bernard Schofield’s petition  urging the Government to hold fortnightly press conferences to inform the public on the country’s progress in reducing greenhouse gases.

We rarely hear of government policies on climate change, the greatest threat to the future well-being of our children and grandchildren-and indeed of the whole planet. In 2019 the Prime Minister said that the climate crisis is ‘this generation’s nuclear free moment’ and Government declared a climate emergency. Arguably, Government has failed to treat it as such. I believe it is time to take action which makes a vital and lasting difference and to hold Government to account.

Regular press conferences specifically about climate change will encourage reporters with specialised knowledge to attend and will give them the opportunity to question Government closely on this crucial issue.

If you haven’t yet signed it, you’ve only got until 8 November to do so!

Because on 8 November at 1pm, we are presenting the petition, on Bernard’s behalf, to Green MP Eugenie Sage at Parliament.

If you can, please come along and support us.