Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike 25 March

The international Fridays For Future has set March 25 as a day to demand climate justice.

Profile picture for March 25th Global Climate Strike, showing #PeopleNotProfit over image of young person wearing a gasmask

“Climate struggle is class struggle, for years, the ruling class, primarily through corporations and governments from the Global North dominated by affluent, white, heterosexual cis-males, have exercised their power, gained through colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and exploitation, to destroy the earth and its occupants with no remorse.

They deliberately sacrifice the Global South’s ecosystems and peoples for the sake of their so-called “development” and everlasting “economic growth”. Meanwhile, the working class is used as tools to build the very system that is destroying them. “(As quoted from the Fridays for Future website.)

Here in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, our group will be protesting on the Parliament Front Lawn as usual. We’ll keep it simple, because of Omicron and Red. But we are thinking of doing more. Some ideas for additional activities include:

  • chalking messages on the ground outside Parliament and inviting members of the public to join in
  • having some picnic rugs on the grass to welcome anyone who just wants to relax and take in the atmosphere
  • making new placards
  • sending a letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about why we still need to be here nagging her government after more than 2 years

What are your ideas?

Photo of six members of Fridays for Future Aotearoa, standing in front of the statue of Seddon in front of Parliament, holding placards calling for urgent climate action
Fridays for Future Aotearoa on 4 Feb 2022 Never give up! Never say die!