This Friday: Protest Fonterra, NZ’s biggest polluter.

Gas, Coal, and Industrial Ag: they’re all in this together.

AUCKLAND PROTEST: Victoria Park, cnr Halsey & Fanshawe St, opposite Fonterra HQ at 109 Fanshawe St, at 3 pm on Friday 28 May.

WELLINGTON PROTEST: Midland Park, outside Fonterra’s office at 157 Lambton Quay, at 1 pm on Friday 28 May.

The Parliament protest will start and end a little early this week (12-1 pm) so that people can move to Midland Park and protest Fonterra, our nation’s biggest polluter. Our government has only required the most minimal, token-effort changes from Fonterra.

Since 1990, dairy cattle numbers have increased by 82%, while in Canterbury this expansion was almost tenfold. This despite a growing climate emergency and no solution to the problem of methane emissions.

We now face severe health and water quality issues around the nation, long-term damage to waterways, and heavy metal loading in topsoil, making it unfit for food crops.

Gas and Coal are extracted to dry milk and create fertilizer, while water tables are drained in Fonterra’s race to the bottom.

So this week, make it a little later and join the team as they make the 5-minute walk to Midland Park at 1 pm.

New Zealand now faces the risk of trade barriers in response to this abysmal environmental record. For more information click below:

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