Rick’s last week of Hunger Striking, and Sayonara Hiroshi.

He needs to return to work this week, so it’s the end of the strike for Rick Williment. We’ve been lucky to have him: weekends under the tree, lots of thoughtful blog posts, and endless questions about what everyone had for lunch. His last day is Tuesday 22nd, so come by and say hi to him while he’s around.

Our friend Hiroshi Watanabe returns to Japan next week: this Friday (18th) will be his last day on the lawn. Thanks, Hiro for your calm and constant support, we’re really going to miss you.

Next week: Extinction Rebellion Roadshow comes to town.

We’ll have company at Parliament next week; the 12th and final day of the Extinction Rebellion Roadshow

The Election Roadshow, an initiative of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and supported by Aotearoa Climate Emergency, aims to put climate action on the agenda of the 2020 election.
The Roadshow has the goals of promoting:

a declaration of a climate emergency,

a Citizens Assembly on climate, such as France and the UK have held this year, and

a green, sustainable, economic recovery from the pandemic.

Where to now for E Tū?

We’re not sure yet whether there will be another Hunger Striker before the election, how long the vigil will continue or whether it will remain at Parliament: there are a few conversations to be had yet to figure that out. It takes a group to keep this going, and it will depend on what everyone wants to do. Either way, the last 74 days of E Tū For Future have been an extraordinary and special time: we’ve captured interviews and images and stories, many of which you’ll find on the website.

Fridays will continue as usual and we’ll keep you posted when we know more.

We’ll see you on the lawn.

— Kieran

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