Vigil Day 47: The Hunger Strike Continues.

Paul Day 47
Day 47

From Sue to Paul to Rick:

This week saw the hunger strike role pass from Sue Boyde to Paul Nieman. This was a bit last-minute: Sue was experiencing some health issues and need to pull out, while Paul, who arrived that day to act as support, was keen to fill the space. Tim Musson was back in town for the week so he was able to help out during the day.

Paul will be with us until Thursday the 27, and on the following Monday Rick Williment will commence hunger striking.

Support for the next week.

We have some gaps in the Support Calender for the next week. I’ll check in with the regulars to confirm their times, but if you are interested in helping out please get in touch with us at, or drop by at parliament have a chat.

Short Film by Timon Zeiss

Flim-maker Timon came by to interview David when he was here. He sent up this amazing short piece. It was recorded on broadcast quality equipment so we would love to see it in the media.

The Dick Seddon Covid Tracer!

QR Code

In the last few weeks we’ve had to share the space with a few protestors who question the basic science around the pandemic. In order to make it absolutely clear that we support this government’s response to the pandemic, we thought it might be useful to attach a QR Code to King Dick while we’re with him.

So now you can install the app, and record your support of climate action at the same time!

See you at Parliament.

— Kieran

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