Weekly Update: Thursday 12 March

As part of the general plan to stop using the PA on the lawn we’ve learned to become more creative with the ways we share information and help each other. I’ll start bringing a whiteboard so that people can post stuff on the day, we’ll start trying to use the web site and social media as ways to share stories and contributions from individuals who have something to share, and we’ll point you to useful resources online rather them reading them out to a group.

I’m sure there is still a place for speakers, announcements and shared noise in the future, but for now, let’s think about the hundreds of committed climate change action people nearby who still need a reason to come to the lawn.

In the interest of not sharing the virus, I’m keen to hold off on pamphlets for now and will not be at the train station on Friday morning. I am considering spending many more hours on Friday (and invite anyone to join me) just so that we can say ‘come anytime’ and people can expect a crowd at 1230.

If you want to keep up with events and activities in Wellington please got to the TUI events calender.

There is a link on the page that will include the events in your phone’s calendar, so you’ll always be in sync with what is happening.

After popular requests, a Meetup group has been created


Friday, Mar 13, 2020, 12:30 PM

Parliament House
1 Museum Street Wellington, NZ

1 Members Attending

No PA, no lectures, no preaching. Bring anything you feel like sharing. Bring a book if you just want to read. Watch us gather. Let it give you courage.

Check out this Meetup →

MeetUp is designed to help people form groups and start movements IRL (in real life!). By joining and using it you can invite others and participate in the planning and organisation as we grow to support the many people wanting to take part in climate action.

Here’s the text for the Fridays For Future event:

We can see that the current plans to reduce emissions are not enough. We know everyone needs to come together to face this problem. We know this is difficult. We know the barriers are many. But we can do this. Watch us gather. Let it give you courage.
Come to Parliament Lawn, every Friday, around midday. Bring friends, lunch, music, kids, pets, plans, questions, feelings and stories. We’ll bring ours too. See you there.

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