26 Feb Weekly Update

This week:

Anna Kernahan is a climate activist and founder of Belfast Fridays For Future. She has been striking alone every Friday since September 2019. Anna created a short video for us – you can check it out on our web page and we’ll play it this Friday. We’ll also take some time to record a message to send back to her.

Ollie’s been away for a couple of weeks. He’ll be back this Friday and will be our speaker. We will also play the clips sent to us from strikers in Russia and Belfast.

Last week’s speakers:

Sean Weaver

Dr Sean Weaver has been working on environmental issues for more than thirty years. His current project is to bring rural and urban communities together. His talk was compelling and many passers-by stopped to listen.

Hannah and Liam: The Rubbish Trip

Liam Prince and Hannah Blumhardt have imagined a world without waste, and they made it their business to live in it. The world we live in is not sustainable, and their project, The Rubbish Trip, is a way of showing people what a sustainable world might look like.


29th Feb: Climate Hub (Aro Fair)

We’ll be there all day amongst the madness at the Aro Fair ’20, so combine an awesome day out with a wee pop in to see us! Discover whats going on in the local climate / environmental scene, and have a look at how you could get involved- we have something for everyone; whatever time or skills you have to offer!

Rest your weary legs on our comfy couches (first room on the right in Aro Community Centre) and come have a chat with our friendly TUI community!


8th March Takutai Kāpiti: Climate Change and Our Coast

The Summit launches a significant community engagement project that aims to encourage and empower our communities to become more aware of the impacts of climate change and sea-level rise and to take part in developing solutions and pathways for adapting to coming change

This event will happen at Ngā Purapura in Ōtaki. There’ll be a free shuttle to get you to and from (Raumati, Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Te Horo and Ōtaki. Book on Eventbrite.

And Finally

Missing Banner!

Does anyone know where this banner went? It was last seen in this public meeting with Andy Foster (that’s him behind the icon). Please get in touch if you know where it is.

Signs in Busy Places

More people are holding the signs – Stuart and Jane on Thursdays, Kieran and company on Friday mornings (7-9 am) and Violet for a few hours during the day.

We have a new flier. We can print off copies for anyone wanting to distribute them or you can print them yourself. It also appears on the right sidebar of the website where you can click through to articles backing up the statements.

See you on the lawn!

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